Our Story

With extensive involvement in many major projects, both locally and internationally, TPM has established itself as a recognized expert capable of providing professional services to all types of construction projects. Our approach is to apply utmost care and diligence with the aim of delivering a level of services that exceeds Clients expectations. Protecting the commercial interests of our Clients remains a main objective in the course of providing our services. 

Started in UAE by a team of prominent professionals nearly two decades ago, TPM has grown to become a renowned world-leader in providing services to the construction industry. Since inception we have provided services to a large number of Clients with direct involvement in projects of aggregate construction cost exceeding 20 Billion USD. Our Projects portfolio includes major developments in hospitality, residential, commercial, shopping mall, airport, infrastructure and oil & gas segments.

Our operations are focused mainly within Middle-East, Asia and Africa, and our performance is further strengthened through maintaining close collaboration with our partner USA firm Williams International Group  which provides the opportunity for direct involvement by their management and staff in the undertaken projects . Our partnering with Williams International, who operate extensive office network across the globe, also provided us the opportunity to achieve global reach by undertaking projects in USA and Europe.

CSQ - Client Service Quality:
Client satisfaction through prompt delivery of our assigned services is our priority.
Meeting our commitments together with a fiduciary responsibility to professional service and consistency in quality of work using:

  • Well-seasoned process
  • Integrated system
  • The right people

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Quality and Safety are everyone’s business - every day!
  • Maintain schedule and budget objectives of projects
  • We Plan the Work and Work the Plan
  • We invest in our People so you can have the very best
  • Develop and Maintain Resource Retention Program
  • We continually refine our Best Practices and “lessons learned”
  • Commitments to Society - contribute our part to build a flourishing society.