Mike Belt

Director, Project Control

Mike Belt is Director of Project Controls with the key responsibility of overseeing and ensuring that project control process are consistently applied across the projects and in all stages of the project management services delivered by the Company.

Mr. Belt is an accomplished, highly effective leader in construction industry with over 25 years of experience working in projects and business unit environments. He has a unique combination of Project Management and Project Control skills, coupled with extensive Claims Management and Enterprise Construction Software Technology expertise.

He manages governance to ensure robust cost and schedule performance for the agreed Scope of Work through integrated programs managed across multiple clients and mega developments. Mr. Belt works closely with various project stakeholders to ensure that the budgeting, scheduling and coordination processes run smoothly and monitors the progress of project to ensure that it is working within the confines of set deadlines and budget limitations. He always endeavors to make suggestions for improvements to project operations as needed.

Since joining with the Williams group company in 2011, Mike has spent the majority of his time leading project control teams on multi-billion-dollar projects across the Middle East and globally. His ability to work within any industry and culture has provided clients with seamless Project Management successes across 4 continents. He has overseen the successful completion of 6 Mega developments world-wide, worth over $30 Billion USD. Mike has also led the development, implementation and training of Project Management standard procedures, systems, tools, and reporting for several industries; infrastructure, mixed-use developments, themed entertainment and defense projects.

With a background in construction and real estate, Mike utilizes his unique skills and knowledge to bring added value, expertise and leadership throughout the project life cycle. Mr. Belt holds certifications in BI tools, Scheduling and cost platforms, in addition, a master degree in project management from Regis University, USA, and bachelor degree in Geography, Cartographic Engineering, University of South Florida, USA.

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