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The electricity generating industry faces a substantial challenge in ensuring delivery of the new generating capacity that will be needed to meet demand worldwide. This will come from a mixture of fossil fuel generating capacity (coal and gas) and low carbon generating capacity (nuclear and renewable).

Across the globe, the current generating capacity will diminish by 25% in the next decade based on current life expectancies unless new build/life extension projects are undertaken.

In order to meet these demands, Williams International Group formed a strategic partnership in 2004 with Gate 6 Solutions , a US based consultant specializing in power generation and transmission, to form a world class strategic team providing a vast array of project management and cost & contract services to the Energy sector.

By forming this strategic relationship, we have added unmatched technical experience and staff in the Energy/Power market, especially nuclear and renewable energy, and we are excited to bring this partnership and knowledge base to the Gulf region.

Our team works as a single integrated unit to oversee a project from conception through start-up and operation. We also provide individual project management support services during any phase of development. We have the capability and confidence to satisfy the most demanding requirements and bring value through an innovative and imaginative approaches.